Arrival day.

Time to Unpack and Relax


NON RIDERS: After breakfast those not riding will have a morning coffee in the village before driving to the hill top village of San Miniato .

RIDERS : Those riding will have their bikes set up, then a leisurely ride to San Miniato.

EVERYBODY: Everyone will return to the Village for lunch, before driving to the nearby village of Vinci, birthplace of the great Leonardo, with a visit to Castello dei Conti Guidi which houses the Museo Leonardino.

This evening is our Welcome Dinner usually consisting of 7 courses at one of our favourite restaurants.


NON RIDERS: We will visit the chocolate shop for morning tea before driving to the lovely hill top village of Montecatini Alto to meet the cyclist for lunch in one of the lovely restaurants in the piazza.

RIDERS : The bike riders will have a morning of riding through the surrounding countryside before riding up to the hilltop village of Montecatini Alto, where we will meet the non riders for lunch.

EVERYBODY: This afternoon we drive to Pisa,to see the famous Leaning Tower and Cathedral in the Square of Miracles.

For those who’d like, climb the Leaning Tower, or hire a pedal car for a buzz around Pisa.


RIDERS : A ride to the beautiful City of Lucca , where we will all meet for Lunch.

NON RIDERS: We will drive to Lucca.

A very old and famous town dating back to the Romans, Ceasar formalised his famous

Triumvirate in Lucca .

Completely surrounded by one of the few remaining intact city walls we will meet the cyclists for lunch at the Anfiteatro which was built on the

site of an old Roman Coliseum.

Great shopping here too !!!


Today is a day off the bike for everybody.

We spend the day in a magnificent estate,

owned by an Italian Count.

The morning is spent in the kitchen with

the family chef learning the intricacies of

true Tuscan cooking.

We are then invited into the

family dining room to enjoy

"the fruits of our labour"

and sample the estates world class wines.

After lunch we are given a

tour of the centuries old wine cellars,

we will hear stories of the family and the ancient vineyards in the surrounding hills.

The day ends with the visit to the estate olive mill.


RIDERS : Start the morning off with a ride in the countryside before

returning to our village for coffee, for those who wish, we’ll continue the ride into the mountains for a high altitude lunch.

NON RIDERS: A drive to the nearby town of Cerreto Guidi and visit the Medici Hunting Lodge, with it's own tale of murder and intrigue, it's collection of art, ancient weapons and furniture makes this villa one of the areas most fascinating undiscovered treasures.

This afternoon is at our leisure.


Friday is market day, an opportunity to soak up the lively atmosphere of this

time honoured tradition.

Then we will all hop in the vans for

"Scott's Magical Mystery Tour"

Don't ask 'cos we won't tell !!!


EVERYBODY: A day off the bike to take in the wonderful sights of Florence.

With so much to see and do:

the Duomo and Campanile,

Michelangelo’s famous David, the

Uffizi Gallery to see some of the world’s greatest Renaissance Art,

visit the jewellery stores of the Gold Bridge, the leather markets, the list is endless.

All museum visits are pre booked to preclude waiting in endless lines.


Today we pack up and move to our new location.

The riders will have a spectacular ride through the Chianti Hills and the non riders will be driven to our new hotel, a

14th Century Palace in a medieval, hilltop village.

After we all settle in, there will be plenty of time for a swim or enjoy a relaxing spa in our wellness centre. What better way to relax and unwind!


RIDERS : A glorious day of riding, and we will visit some incredible towns: The charming, walled medieval town of Monteriggioni, the fascinating split town of Colle Val d'Elsa.

NON RIDERS: We too will visit the towns of Monteriggioni and Colle Val d'Elsa.


RIDERS: An optional Early Morning ride.

NON RIDERS: This is an opportunity to spend the morning in our new village and explore the lovely little shops, visit the museum, climb the tower or go for a wander up to the Etruscan Tomb.

EVERYONE: We will all drive in to Siena for lunch and an afternoon of exploring this incredible city.


RIDERS: A big ride today to the medieval village of Volterra.

NON RIDERS: We will drive through the beautiful Chianti hills to Volterra.


RIDERS:: A morning ride to Radda in Chianti.

NON RIDERS:: We will drive to Radda in Chianti, a fascinating medieval walled town, which also happens to have some great shopping!

EVERYBODY: For our last lunch together we have a special surprise.


Pack up and depart for various destinations !